Foxes – A mammal for London

I used to see foxes when I was a child in the countryside but rarely. Since I moved to London, 30 years ago, they are almost a daily sight.

London Foxes – a mammal to celebrate

Last night walking across the Blackheath I encountered two. Later in the night, I was woken by a few calling in the street as they do most nights. It is relatively wild around this part of London so you would expect them to head out. Even so I have seen them in broad daylight right in the heart of the capital. The first image of a fox was notably walking down the centre of the London Wall one early morning in April.

Foxes are often seen on the street in the City of London
Fox on the street in the City of London

A Winter Fox in the Frost

Fox in the winter frost, Blackheath, London
Fox in the winter frost on Blackheath

A few years ago, when London unusually experienced snow and frost, this dapper gent blocked my path across a small patch of the heath in Greenwich. I particularly like this image. After all the image summons up a rural setting, not the urban one.

Foxes in London

There is a tendency to make the fox a villain. Not that there chicken pens to raid in London. The press will from time to time latch onto stories of foxes stealing children and other dramatic stories. Most of these are scaremongering of the nth degree.

A sleepy fox by the river in South East London
Sleepy by the river

For most Londoners an encounter a fox, and a bold one at that. But the encounter will be brief, step too close and the fox will be off into the shadows Londoners, there is no doubt about it, will see more of foxes than people who live in the country.

And yes foxes will rip bins apart in search of food. The press should not berate reynard for this. For if we were not so wasteful, perhaps, this would not happen. But no, they blame the animal, not our profligate ways.

I have seen foxes in some odd places. Once whilst visiting Battersea Power Station to monitor rare birds, my eyes were drawn to two eyes peering at from above. For there looking through a smashed window was a fox on the fourth floor. Breaking and entry is part of the foxes skills! A green roof contractor once sent me a picture of biodiversity happening on a half a green roof installed on 12th floor of an office block – a fox happily enjoying the view!

This the time of year for cubs

This is the time of my my year when the cubs will be out exploring. They have already gambolled on the grass opposite my house. Hard to get an images of them as they are more retiring. But as they grow they will get bold and add to their youth to London’s rich wildlife amongst the bricks and mortar.

London Fox in the back lands
London Fox in the back lands

Another fitting icon for a National Park City for London.

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