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Dusty Gedge:  Public Speaker, Green Infrastructure Professional, Wildlife Specialist


Public Speaking

As a trained performer there is nothing Dusty Gedge likes better than to hold an audience. He is a recognised international speaker on green roofs, green infrastructure and biodiversity.

He also uses his past career as a circus entertainer to provide meaningful and fun sessions at corporate events using juggling to energise and bring out key messages.

Green Roofs and Green Infrastructure

Currently the President of the European Federation of Green Roof Associations (EFB and founder of Livingroofs.org, Dusty Gedge is a recognised authority, designer and consultant on green roofs and green infrastructure. He works with Gary Grant for the Green Infrastructure Consultancy Ltd.

He is also co-author with John Little of the Small-scale green roof guide that has helped lots of small roofs sprout across the globe on sheds garages and other small buildings.


Dusty has also been a TV presenter on a number of UK shows and makes his own Green Intrastructure and Green Roof and Nature Videos.

Wildlife Specialist

He has been a birdwatcher since he fell out of his baby chair aged two. His interest in birds, bugs and butterflies led to his green roof career. He came late to nature photography but has been actively involved for the past seven years. Although birds are his first love, he has a particular interest in invertebrates (especially on green roofs) and solitary bees.

Social Media/Blogs

There is nothing he likes better than posting reams of things on Twitter, Facebook (he runs a number of pages) and G+. – anything to do with the environment, nature and wildlife. He regularly gets asked to promote things on his social networks. If they are worthy, they are willingly shared.

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