Laban – the story of the original rubble/brown roof

Jul 30, 2009

Laban Dance Centre – the original rubble/brown roof
Laban Dance Centre – the original rubble/brown roof

Visited the laban dance centre last night to take some pictures. the original rubble roof, brown roof designed for black redstarts was installed way back in 2000 on a Sika Trocal membrane. It started off just being a pile of old rubble form the building site and has slowly developed into a miny dry flower rich grassland. Most of the plants on the roof have been collected locally and seeded over the years. I tend to visit every couple of weeks between spring and autumn.

Laban Dance Centre the brown roof in July 2009
The Laban Dance Centre brown roof in July 2009

Last year it was photographed by National Geographic for their piece back in May on green roofs. I think they found it a bit visually challenging. Funny as they seem to photograph deserts a lot. Just weren’t keen on that brown look. So much so that it’s picture didn’t figure on the magazine but can be seen online! Ah! The visually impaired. Because if you look closely there are loads of flowers and loads of ecological activity. But sadly this year no black redstarts.

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