Jackdaw – Court Jesters of the Crow World

The Jackdaw is a lovely bird. They used to nest in the chimney of my familial home in East Kent. Cawing in the early morning above my bedroom window.

Members of the crow family have generally a bad reputation with humans. Vermin, crafty and omens of death. Perhpas it is their human like qualities – intelligence and guile, that offends us. A sort of avian reflection of the human character. All the things we don’t like about crows us humans are very good at too.

The Jackdaw is fortunate in that humans generally considered the bird in a positive light. Perhaps it is their court jester like antics, their inquisitiveness that attracts our warmth. Jackdaws are common birds in the UK. However, in London, they are few and far between. A small colony resides in Greenwich Park.

I spent an hour today watching a ‘noise’ of Jackdaws prancing and strutting across the short lawns of the ornamental gardens. A grey, wet day enlivened by this slightly comical birds.

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