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Dusty is a wildlife consultant, specialising in green roofs.

Current President of the European Federation of Green Roof Associations (EFB and founder of Livingroofs.org, Dusty Gedge is a recognised authority, designer, consultant and public speaker on green roofs. He has worked on projects in London and Sweden as well as advising virtually on projects across the world through his consultancy firm Green Roof Consultancy [GRC].

He also set up and advises on the World Green Roof Congress event that runs biannually.

He is also a green roof trainer running workshops, seminars and training days throughout the world.

Dusty has also been a TV presenter on a number of UK shows and makes his own Green Intrastructure and Green Roof and Nature Videos.

As public speaker he speaks engagingly and inspiringly on green roofs, green infrastructure, nature, wildlife and biodiversity. He is one of the ‘fathers’ of the IHDC competition.

He has been a birdwatcher since he fell out of his baby chair aged 2. His interest in birds, bugs and butterflies led to his green roof career. He is also an avid nature photographer and social networker posting on Twitter, Facebook (he runs a number of pages) and G+.

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