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World Environment Day – My #treeyear trees

Summer is on us and the drought continues. My two trees appear to be weathering the lack of water and both are green and slowly the spring blooms are turning to seed. I am sure that they are ‘in front’ of themselves. The hot weather and lack of rain, like the fields of Kent, they are turning to seed early.


High in the canopy of the Horse chestnut the blunt spikey globes of the seed pod hide within them the rich chestnut conkers that will litter the street in late September and October.

The leaves of both trees are still lush. The roots of both must be ‘fingering’ the deep earth, unseen by those above ground, for the slightest feel of damp. Drawing what water is down their up their stately trunks to quench the first of the hungry leaves and seeds.

Horse Chestnut Canopy

Lime Canopy

The thick leaves hide the Sparrows, blackbirds, and Robins, which sing and forage within. Yesterday a party of Long-tailed Tits bundled their way through both trees. I knew they were there because of their shrill call. I could not see them beneath the green fronds of the Horse chestnut but then they appeared dashing across the street to olive tree in next doors garden. A new family intent on food.

High up but hidden the Greater-spotted Woodpecker calls form time to time. But she is well out of view. Perhaps she is collecting grubs for her young. Perhaps I will see a family party of woodpeckers on my return in a couple of weeks.


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