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White-crowned Sparrow – Whistler of the mountains in the shadow meadows

The White-crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys) was singing form a rock in the shadows cast by the forests surrounding the meadows.  You cannot but love the White-crowned Sparrow, the whistler of the mountains and in the early morning, high above Sunlight, he did not disappoint.

White-crowned Sparrow - Whistler of the North

Although it doesn’t sound flattering, the song sounds like the un-oiled hinge of a church switch gate. The whistle echoes across the mountains and meadows (and also suburbia). Simple, but in the vastness of the Rockies, it is a signature sound amidst the silence.


White-crowned Sparrow - Whistler of the mountains

In Colorado I encountered White-crowned Sparrows in the high mountain meadows and the foothill meadows. I saw them where the meadows were green but also in the dry canyons and draws. I did not see so many in suburbia or in villages, though I have elsewhere in North America.

I just like White-crowned Sparrows – a whistler to look forward to spring for – and of course my next trip to North America.

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