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Bumblebee burrows – Eden Project

A moment’s break in filming the Rooftop Rainforest programme¬† allowed me a moment with nature. The white-tailed bumblebee (Bombus lucorum) disappeared into the large hole. I waited, watching intently for it to reappear. But it never did.

The hole was quite large, probably a rodent’s old home. Stepping back I managed to see the same or another bee disappear into another hole. This time it reappeared a few feet away out of another hole. Perhaps beneath the grass and herbs there is a complex of tunnels. This was news to me. Obviously the queen buff-tailed bumblebees were ferreting around for the perfect place to set up a new colony. The small bank at the Eden Project was south facing and sun-drenched. The perfect location for a nest. At the top of the bank the scrub ridge was full of broom and blackthorn in blossom, where honey bees were foraging. Perfect sustenance¬† for a colony.

The white-tailed were too quick for me but a buff-tailed bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) appeared, sluggishly it too began to inspect the holes. Not impressed she moved on without ever setting forth into the darkness beneath the soil.

And I returned to be filmed.  My nature moment with over.



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