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Red Kite – Hansag, Hungary/Austria

High above the wetland forests on the Hungarian side of the border, a bird of prey drifted towards us, in our car on the Austrian side of the Hansag. I had not expected to see a Red Kite at this time of the year but there it was…

…gliding into the blue sky that had openned up above the steppe and the stark treeline Adenau road. Perhaps this was an early migrant heading slowly north to live out the long summer in Scandinavia or Northern Germany or Poland.

I was stood in Hanover in a very cold early March watching 100’s of Red Kites moving north across the City. I am sure that in summer their are both Black and Red Kites hawking over the Hansag in search of carrrion, frogs and the like. But for now the bird continued it’s slow journey north.

Against the light

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