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Cream coloured Coursers – Lanzarote

There was always a possibility that I might see on a Courser whilst here in Lanzarote. But I hadn’t really expected to encounter these wonderful birds. Then three appeared coursing across the sand hills of the Famarra Plain. Wonderful. This was the first time I really truly missed my telesopic lens!!

I have only seen Cream coloured Coursers once before – in Morrocco over 10 years ago. Then I was not really in company that allowed me to really watch this gorgeous birds. There is something ‘pharonic’ about there head plumage. I am sure that they werean inspiration for some of the bird heiroglyphs I vaguely remember seeing.

The plains of Famarra remind me of central Spain and the Prairies of Canada I was lucky to spend time in last year in June. Dry rolling grasslands with a limited range of birds but along with the Coursers it has been a joy to watch the Houbara Bustards, Stone Curlews and flocks of Short-toed Larks that frequent the plains.

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