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Butterfly Day – Essex and Greenwich

Last July the Burnett moths were the stars of my Butterfly Day at John Little’s garden in Essex.

Butterfly Day – Essex Garden


Butterfly Day - Brown Argus

This year our green roof workshop was a few weeks later in the month. The star this time was the brown argus. They were everywhere. I only saw 2 Burnet moths. The brown argus butterflies were in every corner of the garden dancing and chasing one another. I lovely sight. I haven’t seen one of these butterflies in South-East London – ever.


Brown Argus
Brown Argus

There were also a few (appropriately) Essex skippers and a single Common blue.
Gatekeepers were in evidence as they have been on my butterfly bank. I gather it is a particularly good year for this species and they were to be found fluttering over the longer areas of  grass and herbs.

Meadow browns were fewer in number but still abundant. A few speckled woods danced in the paths through the scrub. And of course there were the darters and damselflies to add to a lovely morning spent in John’s garden. And I will back next weekend for the music festival in the garden. Hopefully I will be able to step out of the fun and frivolity and take another stroll through the garden. And hopefully I will add to my big butterfly count – not only in terms of numbers but also species. And hopefully the weather will be kind to both the musicians, the audience and the butterflies.

Butterfly Day – The Butterfly Bank

When I got back home I took stroll along the butterfly bank on Hyde vale. Along with the regular Gatekeepers, Meadow browns, skippers and whites I came across a single Small Copper, a new one for the bank, and a white hairstreak. A new one for both bank and for me. So my tally for a week of walking the butterfly bank is now 8 species.

The big butterfly count has only started. There will be many a Butterfly Day before the end of August. What else lays in store? Who knows but I am sure it will continue to be a pleasure. And I would encourage everyone to take part.

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