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Dusty – the Public Speaker

Public speaking Dusty Gedge
Speaking in Budapest


Public speaking is a major part of Dusty’s life. He has been invited to speak from Vancouver to Seoul via Brazil and Vienna. Dusty voice brings passion and knowledge on the subject of urban biodiversity, green roofs and green infrastructure. Within the UK, Dusty will do over 50 public speaking engagements alone in a year. Popular at sustainability conferences and events, his talks can be tailored for after dinner speeches that address the specifics of an audience. He has recently teamed up with Specifi to talk about a number of events across the UK.

Amusing, challenging and intellectually robust, his talks celebrate activism, breaking out of the mould and always in praise of nature, common sense and a better future for our environment (natural and urban).

In 2016 Dusty had speaking engagements across the UK for organisations/events such as BALI,  RCI, DOW, GREENSKYTHINKING, ECOBUILD various local and regional government bodies.

He was also invited to speak in Copenhagen for the Nordic Council, in Querétaro, Mexico, Brussels and Vienna.

Public Speaking

Dusty is available for public speaking anywhere in the world on

  • green roofs and green infrastructure
  • Urban biodiversity
  • Wildlife and Nature
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