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Second and third buds – #treeyear

All of last week I tried to take pictures each day of the unfurling buds on my trees. Most were taken in a rush as I was off early and back late for the Rooftop Rainforest shoot.

I also managed to get on to the roof of the house and take a picture of both the Lime and the Horse Chestnut.

Sadly at some point during the harsh winter the wind must have blown a plastic shopping bag into the branches of one of my trees. The wind knotted it into place. A plastic gall on the Horse Chestnut.

I am sure the Lime is a little behind the Horse Chestnut in spreading it’s leaves. Though the leaf is ‘simpler’ than the coot foot like Horse Chestnut leaves, which could be the reason they still look like buds! Even four days after I first took a picture.

Two days after I first photographed the Horse Chestnut budsĀ  were still tender to the cold. But there was a sense of the grey green leaves ready to burst out.

Five days on the leaves are stretching – reaching for the blue sky and the spring warmth – they somehow remind of Praying Mantis! ready to strike.

Without the tree year project I would have probably cast a causal eye over the changing happens of my trees. It is a pleasure to be more focused and truly witness the life of my trees. I am away now for a few days. I will be looking forward to what happens even in this short time.

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