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Scorched Earth – Rooftop Rainforest 1

The entrance to the tropical rain forest dispaly at Kew Gardens as a display highlighting the problems of rain forest destruction. This is one of the reasons I took the presenter job for the Rooftop Rainforest TV programme on Sky 1.

I have only seen the devastation in the Malaysian Peninsula, manifested in vast palm oil plantations where once their stood lowland tropical forests. The piles of logs and the haunting sound of chainsaws and fire and the smoke emanating from beneath the logs summons up the rape that is going on across the globe.

I have also witnessed the beauty, the dynamism and the sheer diversity of wildlife of the rain forests at Fraser Hills and Bukit Ringit – the Velvet-fronted Nuthatches, the Flamebacks and the Hornbills. I even saw the tracks of a Tapir.

In the pursuit of a monoculture of Palm oils to fill the pockets of a few a whole world is lost.


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