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Green Roof Tour London 2016

Green Roof Tour London 2016

The London Green Roof Tour is part of Open Squares Weekend. I have been running tours for a few years now over the weekend, with my good friend Charles Fentiman.

7 More London – Green Roof

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Prior to the walk I visited another green roof in London. This is a roof I monitor for biodiversity and especially for a Nationally rare bird –  the Black redstart.  The roof was in all its glory on the morning of the 18th of June – even in the cloudy weather. You can see more of the roof and the black redstarts on my youtube channel.

Office view - green roof London
View from the Office – Green Roof London


If you were sitting at your desk in an office in London wouldn’t you want to look out on this?


Green Roof Tour 1 – Eversheds 1 Wood Street.

Green roof tour 1
Eversheds Green Roof – London 1


The first green roof we visit on the tour is actually open to the public throughout the weekend. This is a great example of a sedum green roof that has been transformed into a wildflower meadow. The roof was originally a simple sedum blanket. The company, however, wanted to increase the value of the roof for biodiversity. Through my work with my consultancy, I managed to use some innovative retrofit solutions to increase the amount of wildflowers on the roof. You can read more about the roof on my consultancy website. 

Green roof tour 2
People enjoying the Eversheds green roof meadow in London


I visit the roof regularly, generally on my own or with a few others. What is great about the weekend tours is seeing all these people from around London and elsewhere in the UK enjoying the wildflowers and bees.

The Green Roof Tour 2 Nomurra Bank

Green roof tour biosolar roof London
Biosolar roof on Nomurra, London


The second roof that we visit is also open to the public. The upper roof, however, is only accessible on the green roof tour. This is the main roof and consists of a simple sedum blanket with a few other wildflowers, such as Catsear (Crepis). The green roof is a biosolar roof. The tour provides an opportunity for people to witness how green roofs can work with PVs to help London become a sustainable city. And of course the views of the Thames and the other green roofs in area are incredible.

I look forward to running the tour next year with Charles Fentiman. I do bespoke green roof tours.

Dusty Gedge is recognised authority on green roofs and green infrastructure and is available for public speaking engagements








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