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Poppy Estate – Guided Tours

The Poppy Estate – Guided Tours

The Poppy Estate, more commonly referred to as the Clapton Park Estate is London’s Biodiversity Estate. Managed by my good friends John and Rob Little of the Grassroof Company, it is the way all London housing estates should be run – for people and wildlife

The Poppy Estate Information
The Poppy Estate Information


Although John and Rob are well known for  green roofs, they are building a real reputation on how to design and manage housing and school grounds for both people and wildlife. I have worked with John for about 7 years running green roofs training courses, we have written a guide together and a book (with Ed Snodgrass and Nigel Dunnet). One of my great pleasures is to visit is own wildlife garden in Essex, which is a one of the secret wonders of Essex. This knowledge, sensibility and approach to wildlife landscapes is carried over in his work at the Poppy Estate.

Nature given space amongst the housing

Wildflowers are allowed to hug the railings of the estates. Plants thrive on small green roofs. Orchard trees are appearing amongst the once amenity grasslands and both people and nature can come together in the heart of Hackney.


Growing your own amongst the Housing

I always enjoy the stories of the local residents from London’s diversive communities growing their own on the estate. Especially of the lady who literally followed John around planting coriander wherever he turned the soil. The open day gets you close to the idea of growing with workshops, which will be run by residents.

Getting Green amongst the Housing

So if you are free on 8th June get up to Mandeville Street  and sample the delights of urban greenery and community life North London style with a pinch of Essex.

For a sample of what is on offer check out the video.

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