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Biosolar roof – online talk

Our Biosolar roof online presentation is now available at the Virtual Green Roof and Wall Summit. This is hosted by my good friends at Greenroofs.com . Filmed in UK and Switzerland with my colleague Nathalie Baumann, this presentation celebrates the work of an EU funded project called Up on the Roof.     Continue Reading

New Green Roof Shed at Devonshire Road

A New Green Roof Shed at Devonshire Road has just been installed. The images were sent to me from Lewisham Council. Devonshire is one of the most used and celebrated urban nature reserve in the Borough and it is good to see another green roof sprout up on the reserve. I have only managed to visit… Continue Reading

Black Redstarts on London Olympic Green Roof

Black Redstarts on the largest green roof at the London Olympic Site  are breeding. Stuart Connop who helps run the green roof research programme at the University of East London was on the roof last week and saw the pair foraging across the roof. I designed the green roof on the Media Centre through my consultancy… Continue Reading

A New Green Roof Breeding Bird Species

A new Green Roof Breeding Bird Species was discovered last week, whilst we doing a green roof tour in Essex. With the delegates from our workshop series enjoying the lovely ‘Land Rover’ wildflower green roof, John Little uncovered a clutch of hatched eggs.Nestling beneath a thick growth of dried vegetation, the light brown eggs could… Continue Reading