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Wildlondoncomp – Bee wolves and why?

#Wildlondoncomp - Bee wolves and why?

The Wildlondoncomp is a photography competition to promote the campaign for London’s national park status. It is┬árunning until mid-August. I have already posted a few images, but from today I will┬ábe writing about why these images are important to the idea of a National Park for London. Honey bees and Bee wolves When it comes… Continue Reading

In Praise of Ragwort – a bumblebee fest

Ragwort – perhaps it’s name is partly responsible – is a much maligned plant. I was once contacted by a manager of a building asking whether he should remove the plant from a green roof. He was concerned that it might poison someone. Someone!!! Considering only a few people every visit the roof – this… Continue Reading