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Immigrants – wildlondoncomp

Immigrants – wildlondoncomp

Immigrants add to the diversity of London. The idea of a National Park City is a chance to celebrate the capital’s nature. It is as multicultural as its people.

Immigrants – the Commonwealth

London was at the centre of an Empire and therefore the capital is full of people from around the world, including the ex-colonies. The Bank of England is headed by a Canadian and there are Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans working in all trades and professions across the city.

#wildlondcomp - immigrants
A immigrant from Canada


Canada Geese, like many immigrant birds, are controversial. It is claimed they push out our ‘native’ birds from our parks.They also have ravenous appetites and do eat up pond side vegetation.

If you don’t like them, don’t blame the Canadians, blame Charles II, he imported them!

Immigrants – Africa

immigrants - Egyptians
Sleeping Egyptians


Egyptian Geese are not here in the same numbers as Canada geese. They are, however, highly aggressive. When this family hatched on Blackheath, the parents drove the 30 Canada geese off the pond.  This family has been rather popular on my facebook page over the last few months. They are now fully fledge teenagers are nearly ready to join their parents in harassing the Canadians at the pond!

As they are Egyptian, they represent all the Africans from the deserts, the plains of the East, the jungles of the west and the savannahs of the south.

Immigrants – the Indian sub-continent.

parakeet - London
Ringed-neck parakeet


The parakeet is another immigrant. How they got here is one hell of a mystery. There are  some great urban myths about this bird . One of my favourites is that Jimi Hendrix freed his own birds to add a touch of psychedelic fun to the London skies. And they surely do add colour, as well as of noise, to our streets.

Our birds originate from northern Pakistan. Where would London be without the contribution of people from the Indian sub-continent to the cities cultural fabric. Brick lane would not be Brick lane. And we wouldn’t have Mayor Sadiq Khan.

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