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Flycatching Lunch at the Guildhall.

The pond outside the Guildhall is the perfect place to have lunch. Especially on a sunny day in May. Whilst the bankers, bureaucrats and business people gather to eat their mod-con take always, the birds feast on more traditional fare – flies, midges and gnats.

Grey Wagtail Flycatching over the Pond

The other day a pair of Grey wagtails were happily hawking and catching flies around the pond. They were quite content with the hoards of people perched on the seating around the pond. Occasionally they would disappear to the roofs nearby, presumably to feed hungry months.

The hawking consisted of low level quick flights directly over the pond or high level patrols in the sky some twenty metres above the pond.

The Pond - Lunchtime in the City
Lunchtime at the Guildhall London

Green Infrastructure – well-being for people and wildlife

The pond has been there since I can remember when. Although it is not an ‘official’ piece of green infrastructure. Designed as a piece of green space in the Urban Core, it is very popular with the workers in the City.  This, however, does demonstrate the value of such spaces, for both wildlife and people. Small pockets of green are magnets for people lunch time. And they attract wildlife. I was visiting the pond to see if the damselflies that I know gather there would be in evidence. The grey wagtails were a treat. This tiny oasis has wet mud fringing the pond and Marsh Marigolds that provide forage for pollinators.  This tiny oasis, in the heart of the city,  just proves that we should be implementing more small scale green infrastructure interventions in our cities – for the health of both humans and wildlife.

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