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Copper Finch serenades my #treeyear trees

Each morning he starts early – about 4am – waking me. I do not resent this early morning alarm call for the Chaffinch’s song is a beautiful thing. Loud, tuneful and with a somewhat sad diminuendo to close his crooning. For crooning it is – ‘ I am here, this is my tree, come talk to me lady!’. A territorial call to all the other Chaffinches in the neighbourhood.

He generally sings for 30 minutes or so and goes silent. And then around 9am he takes to the stage at the top of the Horse Chestnut tree and reminds us all that he is still here.

In many ways my treeyear trees have been quite ‘silent’ for the last few weeks. All of the flowers on the ground have gone to seed and the trees themselves have gone into the slow process of turning their spring blooms into autumn conkers and Lime seeds.

But the Chaffinch brings a touch of melodic panache to the high canopy.


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