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Adventures in Nature – Fun with Siberian Jays

In the stillness of the Swedish Forest in the middle of winter, my adventures with Siberian Jays was the highlight of my trip to Sweden

I had been informed that cooking Swedish Sausages was a must to attract the birds. I hadn’t anticipated that there would be 3 very friendly, though non- English speaking Swedes (which is very unusual) to help me. I had thought I would be all on my own.


Adventures in Nature – Fun with Siberian Jays



Siberian Jays
On the sausage


Of course there was plenty of other birds to add to the fun. Crested, Willow and CoalTits whizzed past my ears as they feasted on peanuts, Nuthatches and treecreepers, as well as woodpeckers visited the area. Oh and a very friendly Swedish Red Squirrels was not going to miss the feast in Gästrikland.

In Dalarna Bullfinches joined the feasting fray.


Thanks to BirdSafariSweden for details of the ‘venue’ for an encounter in G√§strikland. Thanks to Gittan Mattson directions and info for the site in Dalarna.

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