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Tales of a Riverbank – Female Mandarin, Ladywell, Lewisham, London

The Cafe and Playground were full of people on the sunny summer afternoon. Children were also playing in the new section of the Ravensbourne. Within a splash of their feet a female Mandarin (Aix galericulata) stood in the wet mud of the riverbank. Unperturbed.

Female Mandarin Duck from dustygedge on Vimeo.

The renewed river has allowed people and nature to get closer, right in the heart of Lewisham. Nearby in the muddy backwater, Brooklime spreads across the mud, attracting a host of bees. A dragonfly hawks across along the the river channel.

The female Mandarin was alone except for the people. The male that hangs around the Ravensbourne at Brookmill Park have not ‘connected’ it would seem. As Mandarin’ need holes to nest in perhaps Lewisham Nature Conservation Officers or the Friends of Ladywell Park would consider a few duck nesting boxes in the trees along the old river. Then perhaps the time might be more inclined to connect and the people who use the park might witness Mandarin ducklings swimming in the river with the other children.

She seemed content for now though. Perched on the muddy bank or swimming gently in the River.



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