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Barred Antshrikes – Birding Brazil

Barred Antshrikes were hot on my list of birds to see in Central Brazil. To accompany my blog posts on my trip I am going to run a series of bird photography posts.

Photos – Barred Antshrike –¬†Thamnophilus doliatus


Barred Antshrike
Male Barred Antshrike


Antshrike ruffled after preening
Ruffled Male Barred Antshrike


Thamnophilus doliatus
Preening Male Barred Antshrike


The antbird family has fascinated me since my first visit to South America. I did have a couple of mere glimpses of a few antshrikes when in Ecuador. However I never managed to really enjoy them. So this was one group that I really wanted to encounter and photograph whilst in Brazil.

A pair of Barred Antshrikes entertained me in the dry Cerrado north west of Chapada dos Guimaraes. I did manage a few shots of the female though my lens was all steamed up!!!!


Antbirds are so called as some species appear to follow ants around. As the carnivorous army ants trek across the jungle they flush out arthropods and insects. Certain antbird species follow the legions of ants to feed on the disturbed insects. There are over 200 species of antbirds Рincluding in antshrikes, antwrens and antvireos. They are only found in Central and Southern America. 

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