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Veronica by the Ravensbourne in Lewisham

On Sunday we took a walk along the Ravensbourne in Ladywell, Lewisham. Next week the southern section of the Ladywell Park will be launched. I want to go and see what was just mud, mud, and mess the last time I strolled by back in January. THe river restoration in the Northern section is now 3 – 4  years old. The southern section is different in style but has many new and interesting features.What I loved about the Northern section was the activity – both human and wildlife. It has taken a longtime to get our rivers improved for wildlife. The old engineering solution – close them from the eye in concrete jackets has been transformed into an opening out – which benefits all.

The Brooklime drew my eye. It was growing besides a ephemeral pool, where children were playing, paddling, throwing mud and doing what children should do in a river – have fun!

The patch of Brooklime (Veronica Beccanunga) had attract a few bumblebees and Honey bees. Some were using the leaves to drink water others just collecting nectar and pollen. Veronica’s are such small flowers that they are so easily overlooked. The juxtaposition of urban kids and their parents having fun besides a flower patch full of bees was wonderful.


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