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Tales of the Railway Bank 1

It has been there for 10 years nearly. When they created the north exit to Greenwich Station they created a ramp walkway. The contractors appeared to dump a rubbly soil either side and left it to do what it may.A few years ago I got a tad worried. It look like they were going to ‘amenity’ grass it. Boring Rye grass mowed to skinhead cut. However my worries were unfounded as nobody seemed to have the money or the inclination to tidy up what had become a herb rich little meadow in a sea of concrete and clipped lawns and lollipop trees.

I have been ‘watching’ the bank for years now and I intend to blog about it regularly through the coming months to record what can be found in this unprepossessing little oasis.

The bank is rich in herbs. At the moment most of just green with little flowering. The bank is draped in places in fodder vetch ready to bloom in May? June? who knows.

The Red Dead Nettles are flwoering attracting a couple of carder bees roaming in search of nectar.

How they got there is a mystery. Perhaps they were ‘lost’ in the rubble soil that was perhaps taken from a garden somewhere that had once been their home, but about 20 Muscari bulbs are in flower along with another flowering bulb I know not what it is

Hopefully the bank will provide surprises throughout the summer.

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