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Insurance Company celebrating Pollinators

Towergate Insurance contacted me out of the blue last week on twitter. In essence they wanted me to help promote a infographic they have produced on bees.

Attracting Bees to your Garden

pollinators and insurance company
Attracting bees to your garden 1


I was interested to know why Towergate Insurance had decided to create such an infographic. The marketing lady politely replied

‘…the link between Towergate and bees is that we insure properties – and would like to help our customers to be environmentally responsible. On the other hand, my manager who proposed the idea really likes bees.’

Attracting bees to your garden
Hybridised Plants – Useless for bees


Companies promoting things is a good thing

It is easy to see the activities of private company, like Towergate Insurance, as corporate greenwash.  I personally think it is great that Towergate have produced this infographic. It is very informative and hopefully there customers and others will take positive action.

Towergate insurance 3
Use Less Pesticides


The other things is the individual. One individual in a company/ organisation with an enthusiasm beyond the day job can make a big difference. So the manager should be celebrated too.

Bees - shallow water
Shallow water is important for bees

What about green roofs around and on the property?

Towergate Insurance, however, overlooked one vital thing to do around the garden. A Green roof on a shed!.

A small green roof on a shed, a garage or an extension can make all the difference for pollinators. Perhaps green roofs are too risky for the Insurance industry. I hope not. This was an issue, five years ago,but. It would be good to know.

As a green roof aficionado I am bound to bang on about them. Buildings, however, could really bulk up the available pollen source for pollinators around the home. So I think a little update might be appropriate 😉

Create GREEN ROOFS for bees
Create GREEN ROOFS for bees

Do have at look at the infographic – it is great – and do share. When companies make a commitment it is a good thing to celebrate.



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