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A green roof between the Biomes of Eden

A collection of images of the Eden Green Roofs taken whilst filming at the Eden Project for the Rooftop Rainforest Sky1 TV programme,

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I will be back on 8th April to do a talk for Cornwall Green Build – be interesting to see how the roof will have changed in the two weeks since I was there.

Read more about the green roofs at the Eden Project.

Other green roofs in Cornwall include the Tremough Campus and a small green roof on a House in Sennen, near Land’s End.

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2 Responses to A green roof between the Biomes of Eden

  1. Hey Dusty I was a bit confused at first just viewing the images but when I ran my mouse over them you had added the title tag which revealed a bit more information about them. Cows and flowers on the green roof? Well I knew there were green roofs but I never even thought that they might be strong enough to support such weight. I wonder how they are built so the cows waste somehow trickles off the now new land (rooftop land)? Is the rooftop land created so that slurry or drained waters are collected and put to new use?

    You know what it puts a whole new perspective on things doesn’t it?